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Nightlife Tours

Knowing where to go to have a good time in a city of 9 million people can be a challenge if you are only in Lima for a short time. Let us do the ground work for you.  We know the best establishments for whatever type of experience in Lima you are looking for.

No matter what night you are looking to go out and see the city you will have a variety of great options.  Including local concerts, bands, clubs, or if you are looking for a more authentic experience we can take you to a Peña which is a fantastic place to learn more about the Afro Peruvian and Criollo cultures while enjoying the shows, music, and dancing all night long.

Lima, Peru
Machu Picchu w/Pisco
Lima, Peru

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Ash learning how to make Chilcano de Pisco
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Tuna Lounge bartending class
Bartending lesson at Tuna Lounge
Lima Peru

Our nightlife tours are very flexible, but have 2 main structures.

The first begins around 7pm with a drive through the historic downtown to see all of the lights at night and then on to the Magic Water Park to catch one of the nightly choreographed light and water show.  After this we will head out to one of our favorite Peruvian restaurants where you will feast on some of the finest dishes Peru has to offer.   Depending on what activities are available this night and how you feel after your meal we can either take you to a bar where you can learn to prepare your own Pisco cocktails, take you dancing, or take you to a show.

Our second option is for the night owl, and it is best to prepare by sleeping until 8pm.  We will start the night by either preparing drinks at the B&B or, if we are picking you up at your hotel we will go to our favorite watering hole to sample a variety of Pisco drinks.  When the time is right we will head out to a larger venue where we will either see live music, go to a Peña, or check out one of the many “discos”.

Please contact us to tell us when you will be looking to have a night on the town and we will gladly put together an itinerary and quote for you.